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Project Bedarin Landscape Architectural Design involved the installation of a landscape in an area that was swampy.

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Project Bedarin Landscape Architectural Design involved the installation of a landscape in an area that was swampy. To overcome the waterlogging issue, the project incorporated the implementation of a French drain system.

This underground drainage solution directed excess water away from the surface and channeled it into a built-in underground tank located in the lowest corner of the property.

The stored water in the tank would then be utilized for irrigation purposes during dry seasons.


The project began with a meticulous landscape architectural design process. The team assessed the site’s conditions, considering the swampy nature of the area, including factors such as water accumulation, soil composition, and topography. The design aimed to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape while addressing the water drainage challenge effectively.


To tackle the waterlogging issue, a French drain system was installed. This system involved excavating trenches in the ground and filling them with perforated pipes surrounded by gravel. These pipes collected excess water from the swampy area and directed it towards the underground tank, ensuring efficient drainage and preventing water stagnation on the surface.


The built-in underground tank served as a reservoir for the collected water. During the rainy seasons, the French drain system would direct water into the tank, allowing it to accumulate. Later, during dry seasons, the stored water would be pumped out of the tank for irrigation purposes. This irrigation system provided a sustainable solution for maintaining the landscape’s hydration needs without relying solely on external water sources.


Throughout the project, careful attention was given to both the landscape installation and the functionality of the drainage system. The installation involved the selection and planting of suitable vegetation that could thrive in the swampy conditions. The design also incorporated pathways, seating areas, and other features to enhance the usability and enjoyment of the space.


Project Bedarin Landscape Architectural Design successfully transformed the swampy area into a functional and visually appealing landscape. By incorporating a French drain system and utilizing an underground tank for water storage, the project provided an innovative and sustainable solution to address the waterlogging issue.

The result was a landscape that could be enjoyed year-round, with water resources efficiently managed for irrigation purposes during dry seasons.

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