Rimpa Kiserian

Project Rimpa Kiserian involved a comprehensive design, planning, and installation process to transform the outdoor space.

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Project Rimpa Kiserian involved a comprehensive design, planning, and installation process to transform the outdoor space.

The project focused on several key aspects, including excavation of black cotton soil, backfilling with the correct topsoil, fertilization, construction of a short retaining wall for a terrace, planting vines for a permanent screen, and the incorporation of grass, colorful trees, and scented shrubs like Brunfelsia.


The project began with the excavation of the existing black cotton soil.

This process involved removing the unsuitable soil to create a stable foundation for the landscape.

The correct topsoil was then backfilled, ensuring proper drainage and nutrient-rich soil for optimal plant growth.

Fertilization was a crucial step in preparing the soil for the installation.

The team carefully selected and applied suitable fertilizers to enrich the soil, providing the necessary nutrients for healthy plant development.

The construction of a short retaining wall was undertaken to create a terrace adjacent to the house.

This wall added both structural stability and aesthetic appeal, serving as a focal point while maximizing the usable space for outdoor activities.

Vine planting played a significant role in providing a permanent screen. Vines such as honeysuckle, known for their delightful scent, and colorful varieties like Thunbergia were carefully selected and planted.

These vines were trained to grow along trellises or structures, creating an attractive and functional natural screen.

Grass was planted to enhance the landscape’s greenery and provide a lush and inviting lawn area.

The selection of suitable grass species considered factors such as the local climate, sun exposure, and maintenance requirements, ensuring a vibrant and well-maintained lawn.

Colorful trees were incorporated to add visual interest and provide shade where needed.

The selection of tree species considered factors such as growth habit, height, and seasonal attributes, creating a diverse and visually captivating environment.

Scented shrubs, such as Brunfelsia, were planted to add fragrance to the garden. These shrubs provided a delightful sensory experience with their aromatic blooms, enhancing the overall ambiance of the outdoor space.

Throughout the project, careful maintenance practices were implemented to ensure the ongoing health and beauty of the garden.

Regular watering, pruning, and fertilization were carried out to support the growth and vitality of the plants.


Project Rimpa Kiserian aimed to create a stunning and inviting outdoor space by incorporating well-designed elements and carefully selected plantings.

The excavation, backfilling, construction of a retaining wall, vine planting, grass installation, colorful tree selection, and scented shrub incorporation worked together to create a harmonious and visually appealing landscape.

The project sought to provide the homeowners with a serene and enjoyable outdoor living space that they could cherish for years to come.

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