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At Unique Landscapes Limited, we offer comprehensive greenhouse management services to ensure the successful operation of your greenhouse throughout the year. Our dedicated team of qualified gardeners, closely supervised by our lead agronomist, possesses the knowledge and expertise to manage all aspects of greenhouse operations, from preparation for planting to the harvesting season.

Services Features

Expert Greenhouse Team:

Our team consists of a large group of qualified gardeners who have undergone training in greenhouse management. They are well-versed in the specific requirements of greenhouse plants and possess the necessary skills to ensure their optimal growth and productivity. Our gardeners are equipped with practical knowledge and experience in greenhouse operations, allowing them to effectively carry out day-to-day tasks.

Preparation for Planting:

Preparing a greenhouse for planting is a crucial step in ensuring a successful growing season. Our team understands the importance of proper soil preparation, ventilation, irrigation, and temperature control. They meticulously prepare the greenhouse environment, ensuring that it is conducive to the specific crop requirements. This includes soil testing, analyzing nutrient deficiencies, and implementing measures to address any soil challenges identified by the laboratory analysis.

Collaboration with Crop Nut Kenya:

In our commitment to providing the best possible greenhouse management services, we have established a collaboration with Crop Nut Kenya. This partnership allows us to take soil samples from your greenhouse, send them to the lab for analysis, and receive comprehensive recommendations to address any soil challenges identified. By implementing the recommended soil amendments and nutrient management strategies, we ensure that your crops receive the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and yield.

Crop Care and Harvesting:

Our greenhouse management services encompass all aspects of crop care, including irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease management, and pruning. Our team closely monitors the growth and health of the crops, adjusting their care regimen as needed. They have a deep understanding of crop physiology and growth requirements, enabling them to provide tailored care for each plant variety.

Continuous Supervision and Quality Control:

Our lead agronomist plays a vital role in overseeing the greenhouse management operations. They provide guidance, supervision, and support to the gardening team, ensuring that best practices are followed and quality standards are upheld. The lead agronomist stays updated on the latest advancements in greenhouse management techniques and imparts knowledge to the team.

Customer Satisfaction and Results:

Our ultimate goal in greenhouse management is to achieve customer satisfaction and deliver excellent results. We are committed to helping you maximize the productivity and profitability of your greenhouse. By providing expert care, implementing soil management strategies, and maintaining strict quality control, we strive to exceed your expectations and contribute to the success of your greenhouse operations.

Choose Unique Landscapes Limited for Greenhouse Management

With our experienced team of qualified gardeners, collaboration with Crop Nut Kenya, and guidance from our lead agronomist, we offer comprehensive greenhouse management services. Trust us to provide expert care for your crops, address soil challenges, and ensure the efficient operation of your greenhouse.


Contact us today to discuss your greenhouse management needs, and let us support your greenhouse operations with our knowledge, experience, and dedication to excellence.

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