Project Ngong involved a comprehensive design and installation process aimed at transforming the outdoor space.

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Project Ngong involved a comprehensive design and installation process aimed at transforming the outdoor space.

The project focused on excavating the black cotton soil, backfilling with fertile topsoil, applying manure, fitting stepping slabs, installing a kitchen garden, planting trees, installing cabro paving, and maintaining the garden.


The project began with the excavation of the existing black cotton soil.

This process involved removing the unsuitable soil to create a stable foundation for the landscape.

Fertile topsoil was then backfilled to provide a nutrient-rich medium for optimal plant growth.

The application of manure helped improve the soil’s fertility, enriching it with organic matter and essential nutrients.

This step provided a healthy and conducive environment for plants to thrive.

Stepping slabs were fitted to create functional pathways and defined areas within the outdoor space.

These slabs enhanced accessibility while adding an aesthetic element to the landscape.

The installation of a kitchen garden was incorporated into the project, allowing for the cultivation of edibles and herbs.

This practical and sustainable feature provided an opportunity for residents to grow their own fresh produce, promoting a healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Tree planting was a significant aspect of the project, with a combination of edibles and other ornamental plants being selected.

Edible trees, such as fruit-bearing varieties, were incorporated to provide a source of fresh food.

Additionally, ornamental trees were chosen to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape and contribute to a visually pleasing environment.

The installation of cabro paving added a functional and visually appealing element to the outdoor space.

The paving was carefully laid, providing a durable surface for pathways, driveways, or patio areas.

Ongoing garden maintenance was an essential component of the project.

This included regular watering, pruning, fertilization, and pest control to ensure the health and vitality of the plants.

Additionally, weed control, mulching, and general upkeep were conducted to maintain the overall aesthetics of the garden.


Project Ngong successfully transformed the outdoor space into a functional and visually appealing environment.

The combination of design elements, such as the excavation and backfilling of soil, installation of stepping slabs and cabro paving, creation of a kitchen garden, and the thoughtful selection and planting of trees, resulted in a harmonious and sustainable landscape.

Ongoing maintenance efforts ensured that the garden remained vibrant and well-maintained, providing a delightful and enjoyable outdoor space for the residents.

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