Through our partnerships, we create a seamless project execution process. Our team acts as the central point of contact, overseeing the collaboration between the landscape contractors, water feature specialists, and lighting design experts.

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San Donna Luxury Villa Diani

Project San Donna Luxury Villa Diani, Ukunda was a comprehensive endeavor that involved landscape architectural design, project management, villa construction overseen by Caleb, landscape design,…

Greenhouse Management

The project involved multiple stages, including soil and water sampling, greenhouse construction, grounds preparation, drip irrigation installation, seedling procurement, fumigation . . .

Mambo Italia

Project Mambo Italia encompassed the design, planning, and installation of rooftop gardens using movable planters in some branches, while in other branches situated within shopping…

Cafe Safari KICC

The project aimed to enhance the ambiance of the café by incorporating potted plants strategically placed throughout the interior.

Monkey Bay Resort

The project also involved the reinstallation of shade-loving grass under mature trees that had created bare spaces due to increased shade caused by the growing…

Nyari Project

Project Nyari focused on a comprehensive landscape renovation, with a primary objective of reinstallation of lawn and flower beds using plant varieties suitable for the…


The project focused on excavating the black cotton soil, backfilling with fertile topsoil, applying manure, fitting stepping slabs, installing a kitchen garden, planting trees, installing…

Runda Meadows

Project Runda Meadows encompassed landscape architectural design, landscape installation, cabros (paving stones) installation, tree planting, lawn installation, and ongoing maintenance.


Project Witeithie Thika focused on a general landscape renovation in which the existing arabica grass was removed and replaced with a more shade-friendly grass variety.
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