Category: Design Plan and Installation

Project San Donna Luxury Villa Diani, Ukunda was a comprehensive endeavor that involved landscape architectural design, project management, villa construction overseen by Caleb

Mambo Italia

Project Mambo Italia encompassed the design, planning, and installation of rooftop gardens using movable planters in some branches, while in other branches situated within shopping malls, interior plantscaping was implemented.
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The project focused on excavating the black cotton soil, backfilling with fertile topsoil, applying manure, fitting stepping slabs, installing a kitchen garden, planting trees, installing cabro paving, and maintaining the garden.
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Rimpa Kiserian

The project focused on several key aspects, including excavation of black cotton soil, backfilling with the correct topsoil, fertilization, construction of a short retaining wall for a terrace, planting vines for a permanent screen . . .
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