Type: HONDA GX35

Displacement: 35.8cc

Power: 1.2kW / 7000RPM

Fuel tank: 0.65L

Tank Size: 25L

Pressure: 15-25kg/cm2

Spray Capacity:8L

Plunger Diameter: 18mm

Weight: 9.8kg

Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 66cm

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Introducing the Motorised Knapsack Sprayer H3525 – Your Ultimate Solution for Precise and Efficient Spraying!

Unleash the power of the Motorised Knapsack Sprayer H3525, designed to elevate your spraying tasks with unmatched precision. With a robust 35.8cc displacement engine generating 1.2kW at 7000RPM, this sprayer ensures optimal performance every time.

Featuring a 0.65L fuel tank for extended operation, and an impressive 25L tank size, you can cover large areas without interruption. Achieve consistent pressure levels of 15-25kg/cm2, combined with an 8L spray capacity and 18mm plunger diameter, for efficient and accurate application.

Weighing just 9.8kg and measuring 42 x 33 x 66cm, this sprayer offers portability and ease of use. Upgrade your spraying endeavors with the Motorised Knapsack Sprayer H3525. Elevate precision and productivity – order now and experience superior spraying like never before!

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